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Transformation & Potential Through Sound Therapy 

Please note that sound therapy is not available to those in the 1st trimester of pregnancy or have epilepsy induced by sound. 

many thanks 

Sonja Gundry 

I  wish everyone Safety Love and Wellness In these such difficult



Love & Gong Vibes 


Please also Visit Types of Sound Therapy for more treatments 


Bespoke Corporate Events 

please go to my contact page

and I will email or call you back asap

with gratitude 

Sonja Gundry  

Grow & Flourish Through Sound 

1:2:1 Sound Therapy Session

Bespoke Treatments 

Consultation 1st session £80 - 90 mins 

Subsequent session £65- 75mins  

By App  Only  At Sound for Healthy Being 

                                                                                     Bitterne, Southampton SO19 4DG


Sound Baths from the Home of Sound for Healthy Being 

New surroundings 


Exclusive  Shared Experience 

Together with your nearest and dearest


Beautiful Thai yoga mats to lay on cushions blankets are here for your comfort 

for a therapeutic sound healing experience 

Dates to suit 

£40 for 1 person 


Arranged a bespoke sound session for you and your friend dates & times to suit you  

 2 People £70.00 

at 121 Athelstan Road 



SO19 4DG 

Payment in advance, please 

Look New Events at 2021

 Sonj & Liz 

will be announcing new dates for 

Sound & Drum  Events in 2021

Hopefully we will be there soon 

Sound Healing & DRum Journey 

A time to release all things that burden you and

embrace that which continues to nourish you

Celebrate the suns return with a log on the fire

And dream your passions, that they will bear fruit


 In the Growing light of the New Year  


please bring something to lay on and to keep warm and comfortable

Lay down & feel sound wash over you give your mind and whole being the chance to 

release tension with the energy, vibrations and therapeutic 

value of Gongs, Himalayan Bowls, Crystal Bowls

with Sonj


Take your being on a Drum Journey connect with your inner spirit feel meditation and visualisation bonding with the earth and its natural beauties, elements and animals

with Liz

To bring the evening to a close with warm mulled wine & a mince pie

Sonja & Liz will play together with Gong and Drum

for the grounding of your whole being

join us bring your drum & voice

rejoice with the spirits

Come to this beautiful Winter Solstice Eve


Sonja Gundry Sound Practitioner of Sound for Healthy Being

Liz Bridger Therapist of

The Bowen Technique & Shamanic Practitioner

Thank you Linda for your kind permission to use your beautiful Picture 

 ©Holly & Ivy Linda Garland  

Cancelation Policy Sound Baths 

If the event is canceled the price of your ticket will be refunded to you in full

In the event, you need to cancel coming to a sound bath which is not sold out, I will require 2 days notice and try to find another timeor venue for you to attend as transfer credit.  If the event is full I will try and resell your event sound space.

I now take payment in advance due to the high numbers of people who do notify me and just do not turn up 

for the event 

if you notify me I will transfer you over to another session 

Thank you 


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