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My Inspiration 

Robert Norton


Photo by Martin Reijman

Robert Norton 

I listened to Robert's, The Resonance collection whilst studying for my diploma. 

I found his Russian vocal overtoning to be a constant companion. It nourished my senses when tired and my head reeling with thoughts and words,

 it held me in a safe space to continue my studies.

Having such a profound and lasting effect upon me

Thank you


"Robert Norton is an inspired musician. His music is healing. 

It touches something honest, hopeful and true in you."

Robert Holden, Ph.D.

Robert has released 11 albums including three recorded in Russia. In December 2015 Robert released

 "The Resonance Collection", a set of four CDs recorded at Robert Holden's Coaching Happiness event in June 2015. Robert has improvised healing music at personal development seminars since 1997, including those run by Dr Robert Holden, leading psychologist and author.

Visit Roberts site and explore his music. m

Meeta ,yoga ,southampton



Meeta my yoga teacher and dear friend. 

Can take your body to places you never thought possible.

She is supportive and caring, her classes gave me space

 for myself before and during my studies.

I continue to go to her classes & gain so much from my sessions.

Meeta says

 'Yoga that makes the impossible possible '

visit her website and classes they are amazing  

Thank you 



Shelley Edwards 

Yoga teacher, Life Coach, Thai Yoga Massage, Voice Fm The Health & Wellbeing Show 

Her Company  Success to Progress

Shelley is a great inspiration in my life, the most amazing spirit.

Having experienced sound she has belief in 'Sound for Healthy Being' 

with its effects and benefits of relaxation and on life-limiting issues. 

 I have Gratitude for her Encouragement, Motivation, Energy & Love 

Thank You 


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