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Childrens Sound Baths 

A typical set up for a sound bath where the children can lay down and relax and enjoy the sounds of the instruments learn about them and have a supervised play of them 

Deep relaxation helps with stress and anxiety 

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The question posed was 

What do you think the instruments sound like?

The year 6 children of  

William Gilpin Church of England VA Primary School in Pilley Nr Lymington Hampshire.

The important process of learning and understanding whilst engaging them in this new experience. I took them into the sound bath, explaining which instruments are played when and why and what the percussion sequence achieves at the end and what to do.

The experiences is your feelings in your own way.

Their Imagination was Amazing 

Instruments played were Gongs, Himalayan Bowls, Crystal Bowls and Percussion. 

Children's 1:2:1 Sound Sessions

or Small groups 

The sound is like butterflies flying around

The sound of the sand singing 

The sound of the rain at home in America 

Engaging with your child in a safe space, warmth, room for expansion of thoughts, 

feelings and creativity through Sound 

Please call for details 


Sensory Instruments, Sound for Children, Childrens stress Reduce Childrens anxiety Relaxtion for children

Percussion Instruments 

Relaxation reducing stress and anxiety 

Call 07739019565 or email 

to discuss sound for schools and your child's needs.  

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