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Holistic Therapy

What Sound Therapy Helps & How 

I  Help People with 

life-limiting beliefs & illness such as

 Anxiety, Arthritis,


Depression, Dementia

Headaches, Insomnia, Migraines, Muscles Spasms

Pain, Parkinson's,

Sciatica, Stress-Related Issues,

also symptoms of

 Tinnitus, Rota Cuff issues,

and many other life issues.

Enjoy the therapeutic value of sound

How it works 

Relax, release and revitalise with wonderful natural relaxation, 

Of therapeutic sound baths or 1:2:1 sessions 

 The therapeutic power of sound is well proven and academically researched – sound can be deeply healing, not just in terms of relaxing you but way of deeper… 

physical, mental, emotional and for some people spiritual levels using a reflective process. 


  Lie down, relax and be bathed in the beautiful, deeply relaxing tones and ‘sonic signatures’ of

 Gongs, Himalayan bowls, Crystal bowls and Percussion instruments.

Not only will you come away feeling relaxed, you’ll find you’re refreshed and revitalised… 

Sound has the potential to reach far deeper than our conscious minds, so it can release on emotional, physical, mental and for some spiritual levels reducing our cortisol levels and aiding our sodium and potassium levels. 

The Instruments 

The treatment sessions are passive using tonal sounds with instruments such as 

Himalayan Bowls, Gongs and Crystal Bowls and then rhythmic percussion featuring Rain Sticks, 

Ocean Drums, Chimes and Shakers.

The Sonic Perscription

Sound Therapy uses the notes, harmonics, intervals, and frequencies to suit your individual needs.

Instruments are chosen, combined and played in the ‘Sonic Perscription' written just for you 


Sound can influence the brainwaves on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

It can help you achieve a deep state of relaxation giving the potential to enter 

Altered States of Consciousness is something we do naturally when we daydream.

Within sound sessions, you may have therapeutic benefits by entering into

daydreaming, dreamlike, and near sleep states.

These occur when the brainwaves lower from our wide-awake Beta state.

As a sound practitioner the brainwaves that are important are; 

Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

Beta brainwaves are when you are wide awake,

Theta is a relaxed near sleep state is really important for the replenishment 

of sodium & potassium levels within the body.

Alpha state can bring about emotions of peace, bliss and tranquillity. Delta is sleep which I will encourage you not to enter to gain the maximum benefit from your session.

Gamma is a harmonising frequency, with observation of size and colour being

 associated with self-awareness and insight.

Bringing about the potential for clarity, self-awareness, learning, 

uplifting spiritual connection, empowerment, transformation and

 ‘Human Flourishing.'

Helping you to go forward in your life,


Greater Health and Wellbeing.

What happens next

We Will have a phone consultation to discuss about what you would like to work on in your session.

Also what to expect from your first session.

All information is governed by the data protection act and best practice.

You are advised that the first session may last up to 1 hour 30 mins and subsequent sessions 1 hour. 

Current Health

I am Sorry, sound treatments are not suitable for those in the first trimester of pregnancy

or have epilepsy triggered by sound. 

It is recommended that clients do not attend sessions whilst suffering from heavy colds, flu, stomach bugs etc, for their own comfort and the ability to get the best from your session.

also see COVID 19 Regulations 

Treatment Cancellation 1:2:1 Sessions 

Please advise 24 hours in advance of your treatment session.

Thank you

Sonja Gundry 

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