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Lovin Sound 

Relaxation reducing stress and anxiety

Call 07739019565 or email

to discuss sound for schools and your child's needs.Another Sound Bath at Oasis Academy Mayfield 

I am there twice a month 

Gratitude to all the wonderful people who attend 

Laura Lloyd for your continued support and photos 

I am Blessed  

11th March 2020

Delighted to have delivered a 

Relaxation Sound Bath 

Hi Sonja,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the class yesterday - everybody at dinner was commenting on how beautiful the session was, they were truly thrilled.

Thanks so much,


February 2020 


Clients are covered by the Data Protection Act & Best Practice.

Some clients prefer to maintain their anonymity.

I thank you all for your support and beautiful testimonials.


Sonja Gundry  

What My Clients Are Saying

I feel physically & mentally better 

I had never experienced sound therapy but went with an open mind.

I had a very painful shoulder rota cuff issue & sciatica, all I could think about was my posture how to move it was draining. 

The Himalayan bowl treatment made me so relaxed

I have never experienced that before my stress and thoughts felt better after just the first session. I continued with the sessions and now I don't have constant nagging of how to move and 

I can cycle miles.

I feel physically and mentally better. 

It was an incredible experience thank you, Sonja 

J Sanchez  Southampton  

Pain relief & Shift of emotions

I highly recommend the Sound Healing Therapy sessions provided by Sonja Gundry. I was suffering with pain and reduced mobility in my right shoulder from an injury which happened 6 yrs ago. I had previously been seen by a chiropractor and a physio-therapist who attempted to treat my shoulder, both failed to ease the pain or to increase my then limited arm movement/mobility. With my first visit to see Sonja I felt a profound shift in my emotions and through talking with Sonja realised that in my daily life I was ‘shouldering’ a burden of responsibility which was weighing me down emotionally. The sessions have definitely been of enormous benefit to my shoulder and alleviated the pain and my arms mobility has increased by around 85 per cent. I really enjoyed these sessions and have felt much calmer and more relaxed since having them.

Kind regards

Emma 😊

New Experience 

Thank you for the session on Tuesday. My friend Karen posted this on her Facebook page. You managed to convert my cynical pal Julia too! Look forward to seeing you soon, Christine x

So, tonight another new experience ... a gong sound bath. What an amazing meditative deeply relaxing experience. Having heard of these for some time and looked at going several times previously it took a girlfriend to suggest coming along to someone she knew who was doing one.

Unsure what exactly to expect (I knew it didn’t involve bathing in water!!!) we arrived in a semi darkened room in which people were already lying down in various comfy positions tucked up in blankets. At the front of the group was a beautiful display of Tibetan singing bowls, quartz singing bowls and 2 powerful looking gongs.

Sonia our ‘gong master’ then explained what would happen and invited us to make ourselves as comfortable as possible and enjoy the experience ...

It was a deeply transformative, meditative, deeply relaxing experience. Time disappeared and i really couldn’t believe when she started to ‘wake’ us back up again with some percussion instruments that a whole hour had passed. Every sound felt very natural, very comforting and I had a feeling of not wanting each sound to end. I had feelings of heat, particulary in areas that have had accidents or trauma in the past. It all felt very nourishing and comforting ....

I am now home and feel deeply fatigued which is not surprising after such a deep level of relaxation and letting go. Off to bed now to continue the healing ... if you haven’t tried one yet I can fully recommend it. The therapeutic properties of sound are well known and documented and indeed Sonia herself works with people with cancer. If nothing else it offers a deeply relaxing experience and time out from our very busy lives, 



 Karen from Suffolk 

August 2019

Jen  who visits the Natural Health Hub 

I've been to the Natural Health Hub several times now for a Sound Bath. Whilst perhaps a little unsure what to expect at first, I now look forward to getting my next treatment booked up...I'm a total convert! Sue at The Natural Health Hub is amazing, always there to listen and offer advice. Sonja who takes the Sound Bath is simply fabulous, I've never felt so relaxed and recharged. That hour of total peace and bliss allows me to forget the stress of juggling work and home life and completely switch off and take some time for myself. Can't wait for the next one! Thank you, Sue and Team

Gratitude for your  support Thank you Jen   Sonja

Thank you Becky Griffin Music for your beautiful comments 


Bless you Rhi 


BAST TEAM Left to Right Sonja, Lyz, Karina, Ruth 

Thank you, Nicole, PLD student 2018 for her thoughts & kindness 

Heart warriors, Event Sound Therapy Presentation  

 Really enjoyed your presentation, you are a true professional. Xx

Caroline Bushell  Love Hair Design Southampton 

 It was incredible!

Sound Bath at the Healthspace,  

Tonight I was in the HealthSpace studio as a 

participant for a

seriously wonderful sound bath with the lovely Sonja from Sound for Healthy Being. It was incredible! Sonja is in the studio on the third Friday of each month - I whole-heartedly recommend bathing in the glorious sounds she creates with her singing bowls and gongs ❤🙏 — feeling relaxed at HealthSpace.

I am truly blessed to be able to deliver sound which is my passion and to have such beautiful responses

Thank you, Steve, with gratitude Sonj🎵🙏

Facebook 13, Stephen Carter, Wendy Budd, and

 11 others Comments

Annika Vandevelde: just come to her sound baths, 

she is amazing

Steve Carter of  Amazonite Learning

A profound healing experience.

I experienced this for the first time in December. Mmmm… What a treat and profound healing experience. 

Sonja told me sound can be deeply healing, and this is no exaggeration: it accesses a true depth of relaxation so you literally pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile. 

She's right, it enabled me to walk with 

a new spring in my step.

Sue  Leach 

Coping with pain ​

My hands and arms are so much better swelling has gone down . I am not thinking about the pain all the time sometimes no pain at all.

It was a loveling feeling like I was floating on air  

and seeing different colours.

I really feel so much better more relaxed 

I would recommend Sound Therapy to anyone .

Mrs  J Small Southampton 

In a Place, I should have years ago 

Sonja put me at ease, she explained that I was in control of my treatment and

 I could stop if I was uncomfortable.

I felt completely comfortable and will go again for top-ups 

and other things treatments 

Because of the treatment, I am in a place I should have

 been years ago.

I am more energised, I am happy with my life.

 P O Southampton 

5Rs in Daily Life 

I wasn't prepared for the revelation that I experienced during the therapeutic process administered by Sonja through the crystals bowls. Beautiful relaxing,

I saw coloured lights and felt as if there was little time had passed. The receptive space that Sonja created for me, immediately channelled a feeling of calm in preparation for my journey to begin.

The 5Rs created a new seeing/self-awareness for me. The sound was freeing me to make my emotions more tangible and 

I began to see the

effect they were having on me and others.

The session was caring receptive making the whole experience relaxing pleasurable and thereby relieving the stress of my emotions opening up.

Since the session, I have reflected upon being so much more relaxed, stronger more capable of approaching/dealing with situations including carrying my sadness and responsibility for my own wellbeing.

I aim to continue my personal growth through the 5Rs daily and use of therapeutic sound.

Stephen Southampton  2016

It was amazing 

I couldn't believe the range of sounds and the effects they had on me.

The 5Rs got to the core of my sadness, with release and visualisation makes me stronger whilst dealing with having a personnel situation that is long term and cannot be resolved. I relaxed and lessened physical & emotional symptoms.

It was amazing not what I had expected.

Sonja is easy to talk too enthusiastic but also brings a natural healing ability that I have not experienced as powerfully with other holistic practitioners.

Her treatment room was superb really well thought out and cosy.

Violet Southampton 2016

Life Issues​

I went to Sonja whilst I was in the process of moving house, was recovering from a broken wrist and have Osteoarthritis. 

The sessions were very relaxing and I saw different colours and shapes.

 I found my sessions to be very beneficial for relaxation and an improvement to my well being. 

Sonja's approach was professional, friendly that coupled with her scientific approach to assessing my needs makes the whole experience of sound therapy very relaxing and beneficial   

West End​ Southampton  2017

Liberating Experience

I entered this process with a little reservation. Mainly due to the fact I have had traditional counselling and feel I am a very aware person.

But, I was completely surprised by how effective and

revealing this process was for me.

This process and my practitioner (Sonja) helped me really see and understand what was weighing me down emotionally. For the first time in my life I had clarity as to what that was and most importantly what I could do to work through this.

Liberating experience to get the most out of this process be prepared to be engaged and open.

Thank you Sonja 

Liberated  Southampton 


Very Grounded

My treatment sessions gave me a very grounded feeling, 

physically strong

and in a positive sense. It took me through a lot of emotions 

which was good

and I was able to express myself better.

I would recommend Sound Therapy with Sonja  

Namesta  Southampton  2017

Deep Personnel Development 

Sonja's sound work gave me a safe space to explore difficult emotions during an extremely stressful period. I was expecting a relaxing experience but instead of just that, my sessions helped to deal with deeply personal development, with mental clarity.

Sonja made me feel immediately comfortable and her professional her personal demeanour was exceptional.

I am so thrilled to have worked with Sonja and will defiantly be continuing my treatment with her.

Words cannot express how much you have helped me   Southampton 2017

Re-evaluate My life

My  Sound Therapy sessions benefited me, it opened me up and allowed me to focus inwards. It has improved my quality of life by making me

 re-evaluate the 'speed' or 'gear'  I live my life in. 

'Slower gear' Southampton 2017

I  have lovely mental tools to work with.

Sound Therapy was interesting, calming and angelic to me. 

The therapy room is a peaceful calm space.

I have benefited by feeling more relaxed and calm. I also have lovely mental tools to work with and I feel the therapy has enlightened me.   

I will continue to have sound therapy in the future and would recommendit.

Chimes  Southampton  2017

I like the way I feel outwardly and inwardly strong

I was at a low ebb when I started my treatment with Sonja.

I didn't realise how much Sound Therapy would completely improve my well-being. I like the way I feel outwardly and inwardly strong.

I am now able to deflect all negative thoughts and feelings from my past. 

I am able to 'outshine ' anything I don't feel comfortable with thinking about. I feel cleansed after every session and love that I feel uplifted.

Sonja explains everything really well.

I am also in touch with my spiritual side and it is completely inspiring it is truly the best feeling ever, I will always be grateful for opening that door.

Thank You, Sonja 

Uplifted   Southampton 

Sound Bath Natural Health Hub Lymington 

Absolutely loved the last sound bath that Sonja did at The Natural Health Hub and immediately booked the next one! Highly recommend this!

Rhian Hepple 

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