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My Story 

I am a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner who fell in love with sound at the age of 10.

 becoming captivated by the amazing sound of the majestic gong its complexity of sound energy strength, movement, harmonics and frisson

I was completely hooked 

When listening to music I found that I would focus in on single sounds or notes of songs /instrumental pieces. I would  then record these sounds, deconstructing the 

original music and constructing my own tapes of ‘magicial sounds’.

As years went by whilst in education and then later in my life,

I began to realise that something was calling me to work with a sound a passion for the 

greater good of health & wellbeing. 

Illness and stress entered my life,  cancer which was like a bolt out of the blue,

 with it brought about some significant changes for me.

Whilst receiving chemotherapy I found myself reflecting on life's situations.

Listening to my taped sounds or music would place me in a better a good space. 

I felt more Relaxed, Open, Lighter so much better

These Wonderful Amazing Sounds resonated with me cutting through the resistance of my illness the harshness of my treatment.



I work from the Soul with Passion & Heart using

Himalayan Bowls (Harmonic Warmth)

Her Beloved Gongs (Majestic & Bold)

Crystals Bowls (Nurturing; Notes & Intervals)

My  Journey Through Sound has Been a Life Changing Experience

I have felt growth, I have flourished and my life has transformed on

Physical Mental Emotional & Spiritual levels of my being and soul

This enables me to facilitate,

  a Safe and Comfortable Space for my Clients and to Prepare Sound 

for each unique Individual or Groups a Requirements 

Sound has Potential to Bring About Self-Process and Change in Lives. Ease pain release stress and help anxiety and work with many different illness and life-limiting beliefs  

For Greater Sense of Self, Health & Wellbeing.

This My Greatest Gift

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